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Again about tax medicine from lie

Newspaper “Day”, July 19, 2006 http://www.day.kiev.ua/165619/

A meeting of the Head of Ukrainian State Tax Administration, О.І. Kireev, and his deputies with the representatives of Ukrainian and foreign business took place on July, 13, 2006. The meeting was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. A theme was VAT.

Most of the time was devoted to the discussion of payment’s and VAT compensation’s difficult questions for companies of agricultural, telecommunication’s and publicitymarket’s sectors. The chairman of UCA «Successful Ukraine», Y.Boyko, who has participated in the meeting, set 3 questions to О. Kireev.

1. Question: What is your attitude toward the new project of “The tax system reformation conception of Ukraine” recently presented by a government?

(http://www.minfin.qov.ua/control/uk/publish/article7art id=61939&cat id=54918 )?


Answer (not word for a word): Positive. This conception is pragmatic, it will allow to create the effective tax system, unlike other conception, developed by the V.Т. Lanovyi’s working group. О.І. Kireev reminded the basic lines of new governmental project of the Conception.


2.  Question: It is known that surplus tax requirements force businessmen, who would like to work honestly, become liars and turn to the shadow. VAT still remains one of the shadow factors offered in the new project of Conception due to «the principle of the first event» with a «method of tax credit». Many businessmen will not be able to pay VAT in such a way and they will be forced to turn to the shadow. Why Government does not want to accept the principle of paying tax obligation for VAT upon termination of economic operation?


Answer (not word for a word): Because the half of businessmen wants so as you say, but other part wants to leave how we offer. In the West – it’s so as we offer (Y.Boiko’s comment: I am not sure that in the West is just like this. We’ll check)


3.  During the answer on the first question You said, that decreasing the rate of VAT to 10-12% (suggestion of V.Т. Lanovyi’s group) is absolutely unrealistic. Why don’t you want to agree, that establishment of VAT rate of 10 - 12% will do economically unprofitable most charts of tax evasion (“cash laundry”, “grey” import, false VAT refund, etc.) and it will give not worse than presently, filling of budget due to the increase of taxation base?

Answer (not word for a word): It not so. At a rate 10 - 12% it’s not possible to fill a budget!


Conclusions. Main tax officer occupies such a position he, actually, must occupy. Vainly to hope that he will welcome the reduction of tax pressure. A fight for such reduction is a matter of those politicians and businessmen who want to live and earn money honestly.

Here is necessary to emphasize an affair for the sake of which UCA «Successful Ukraine» exists.

We want to make a country and society better as quick as possible. Almost a year we have already the project of the reformation Conception of Ukraine and its tax system http://www.uspishnaukraina.com.ua/iinages/proi ref.pdf (by the way, we are proud that a lot of project positions are already included to the existent projects of reformation conceptions of the Ukrainian tax system). In a mental sphere we insist on education of citizens in order to overcome such defects of the society, as envy, greediness, injustice, untruth (who doubts in a presence of such defects, look around. They tell untruth and betray in business, politics...).

One of the most effective instruments of citizens’ education, as we suggest, is the tax system. Our (and other) researches showed that unbearable tax pressure in Ukraine was one of core factors of shadow economy and corrupted power, and the existent tax system overall is the very effective «school» of lie. Surplus tax pressure forces businessmen who would like to work honestly, however to lie and fallto the shadow. Results of studies in it and in other similar «schools» we all see (switch on a television set).

The aim to transform existing tax system as «school of lie» is not for the tax administration. It is for politicians who want to make a country flourishing and for other unindifferent citizens as well. After the meeting on VAT there was a discussion of Y. Boyko with some businessmen an tax experts. Almost nobody understands of them, why non-governmental organization is engaged in «tax» affairs.

Our answer:

1.  Politicians and authority are not ready to fight for establishment of the tax system, that will allow to earn money honestly. Yes, there is a project of “The Conception of Tax System Reformation” by V.Т. Lanovyi’s group, which is based on presumption of innocence of taxpayers and on giving possibility to work honestly to those, who wishes   (having, at the same time,   the forced   levers   -   new   property taxes and others), but - No, the Government has accepted another project of Conception...

2.  We, the members of UCA «Successful Ukraine», do not want to turn into politics. Just we don’t want. Moreover, we consider that to some categories of citizens – representatives of small and middle business, officials, etc. – it is inpurposeful and dangerousto play game with politicians. Because the matters of these categories of citizens must go well at any authorities.

3.  Presently there is a lot of levers of influence of non-governmental organizations on power and politicians, civilized lobbying of society interests (through mass-media, correspondences, public councils at authority, etc.) is possible.

4.  Public opinion about the tax system in Ukraine is not so simple. That is why the greater part of our work today is directed not at tax reform lobbying but at preparation to the lobbying - search of answers for the followings «simple» questions:

- How to convince the citizens of Ukraine that it is necessary to leave off to be disappointed of the authorities and it is necessary to take responsibility for itself on itself (for example, fight for the establishment of the effective tax system in the country)?

- Do the citizens of Ukraine want to live and earn honestly?

- How to convince the citizens of that it is possible to conduct tax reform and then to earn honestly?

- How to convince the citizens of Ukraine that to earn honestly (without bribes, gangsters

godfathers, treasons) could be more profitable?

- What tax system reform will provide the competitiveness of Ukraine?

 - Others.


When we find answers for these questions, we will be able to determine, what the tax system reformation conception Ukrainian society needs and we will lobby it actively. We invite unindifferent citizens to the collaboration.

Y. Boyko

Chairman of the Board

UCA “Successful Ukraine


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