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Initiative of Y.Boyko


Dear Sirs,

For more than 2 months, I have been advancing the ideas of the Successful Ukraine program. This program, as I see it, defines the optimal methods for the development of our country in 10 years. As a result of the program implementation, Ukraine will turn to a developed democratic country with market economy. People in Ukraine will live well and free. The world will forget about our current image of poor corrupted country, a derelict.

In my views of the reality and your actions I act as citizen rather than a prosecutor or a judge.

As a novice in politics, a businessman representing the middle class, I have difficulty calling for interest in my proposal among you, the recognized leaders of the country. I offer my ideas to everyone and completely free (in both the proper and figurative sense of the word: I am seeking no tenure or leadership authorities, etc.).

Why have I had the temerity of writing the programs and giving advice to you, the leaders? Because I have good analytical abilities, intuition, grip, I am able to succeed. I know that such optimization (the term of the control theory having nothing in common with taxes) and I offer an optimal method for the development of the country. The main point is that the Successful Ukraine program is a result of systemic fresh-eyed view of the phenomena in Ukraine , in contrast to the products of the eye-fatigued views shared by some politicians. My opinion is that I have found the nodal points to be concentrated on to cure Ukraine . I make no emphasis on details, implementation mechanisms of the provisions, because this is up to professionals. Therefore, I strongly disagree with such views of the Successful Ukraine program as "naive", "trivial", "utopia" and "populism".

As I have been a businessman for 12 years, I estimate my activities using the market-oriented concepts. Possible "buyers" for the Successful Ukraine program are the minds of the leaders in our country (I repeatedly emphasized that my mission is an attempt to convince the leaders of our country of accepting the Successful Ukraine program not approaching the people – here I act contrary to the theory that any idea is worth something only when it is shared by the masses. I can tell that the "market" research in 2 months of activities, delivered the following result: there is no market for my proposal at the moment. There are some leaders ready "to pay" (of course, figuratively): i.e. to accept the ideas of Successful Ukraine and promote their implementation. At the same time, I have already been satisfied when the acts of Ukrainian leaders corresponded to my suggestions (or vice versa , when my suggestions matched with the leaders' acts). Therefore, I do not stop working. On May 27, 2004 at the press conference held in Ukrinform agency, the next step, a new initiative for the implementation of the Successful Ukraine program, was announced.

This initiative, in my opinion, should not keep you indifferent.

You cannot but agree that the environment in the country feels extremely hot before the presidential elections. The previous adverse developments (the last being the election in Mukachevo) have built Ukraine an image of poor corrupted country – a derelict in the eyes of the people in Ukraine and worldwide. A burst of SUCCESS mood provoked by the victory of Ruslana, immediately turned to habitual for Ukrainians disappointment after gasoline prices jumped up. The right-wing opposition declared the revival of fascism in Ukraine and the plans to destroy the opposition and its leaders.

In many countries ( Bulgaria , Hungary , etc.) in similar situations the confronting political forces held a ROUND TABLE where they searched and found the way for the democratic development of the country. Let us make it in Ukraine ! I am sure, sitting at the round table; political forces will find the OPTIMAL method for the development of Ukraine and will agree on holding the civilized democratic presidential elections in 2004. Most importantly, even if the round table delivers insufficient results, the Ukrainian politicians would radically change their image for the best in the eyes of Ukrainians and the international community, having made a step from the strong confrontation of political forces to seeking the agreement, the civilized competition.

My suggestions to hold a round table are indicated below. I should note now, that these are the suggestions, the draft. Some of my provisions are, I would tell, provocative (urging the discussion), a number of provisions are difficult to implement given the existing legislation. The final text of the Declaration of Agreement should become a result of contributions by all political forces intended to transform Ukraine into a successful democratic country with market economy.

The main points of Yuriy Boyko's initiative are as follows:

  • the main political forces in Ukraine standing for building of the developed democratic country with market economy (government, right-wing opposition, other forces), are invited to the ROUND TABLE to negotiate on signing the Declaration of Agreement on June 25, 2004;
  • direct TV, radio, and Internet broadcasting of the ROUND TABLE with the subsequent coverage by all mass media;
  • Yuriy Boyko has presented the original draft Declaration of Agreement (see below) offered for finalization to all political forces so that the draft Declaration of Agreement, satisfying the core demands of Ukrainian people and all political forces be prepared on June 24, 2004;
  • The provisions laid down in the Declaration of Agreement shall be made so that to accomplish 2 major tasks: 1) To guarantee for the people of Ukraine movement towards success and welfare if the representatives of ANY political force signed the Declaration, win the 2004 election; 2) To transform the strong opposition of political forces into the civilized competition;
  • Signing the Declaration of Agreement and its enactment at the legislative level will result in the civilized nation-wide presidential election in 2004 and the subsequent prompt movement of Ukraine towards SUCCESS.

Looking forward to the successful round table,

Yours truly,

Yuriy Boyko


( DRAFT for discussion among political, economic, administrative leaders of Ukraine and broad public until June 24, 2004)

Kyiv, June 25, 2004

We, the undersigned, emphasize that TOP PRIORITY TASKS of political, economic, and administrative leaders of Ukraine , effective from May 2004, are as follows:

  • Statement of the common GOAL for the people of Ukraine (including all democratic political forces representing the people) for 10 years: to build SUCCESSFUL UKRAINE – developed democratic country with market economy;
  • Transformation of the mechanisms of national wealth distribution in the interests of the majority of the people and GROWING THE WEALTH for all people;
  • BRINGING TOGETHER all forces and resources of the country to achieve the GOAL;
  • Transformation of stiff opposition of various political forces into the CIVILIZED COMPETITION;
  • TRANSFORMATION of the government in the country (legislative, executive, and judicial departments) with the purpose the maintain its transparency and efficiency;
  • Transformation of the economic and political systems of Ukraine into those of democratic countries with market economy;
  • Establishment and maintenance of the strong democratic ORDER (the rule of the Law).

In order to accomplish the said tasks we do hereby undertake to take every effort for the performance of the following specific acts:

  1. To ensure that the provisions of the Declaration of Agreement comply with the requirements laid down in the Ukrainian law: by June 20, 2004;
  2. To hold a ROUND TABLE discussion on June 25, 2004 for representatives of all political forces standing for transformation of Ukraine into developed democratic country with market economy, with the purpose to coordinate and to approve the provisions laid down in the Declaration of Agreement. To enable the mass media to provide direct television and radio broadcasting of the ROUND TABLE to the entire Ukraine and the subsequent coverage of the events;
  3. To enact the Declaration of Agreement as the Law of Ukraine by July 1, 2004;
  4. To enact by October 1, 2004 the Law of Ukraine "On amnesty (legalization) of capital based on the confidentiality of declaration, the responsibility to pay a special tax, the responsibility for incorrect declaration and taxation 2 years after the submission of the declaration, guarantee of impossibility to prosecute individuals for their former "sins" after legalization of the capitals and correct payment of taxes;
  5. To enact by October 1, 2004 amendments to the laws of Ukraine on privatization of the state-owned property and land with the following provisions: invalidation of the results of privatization performed until October 1, 2004, interdiction of privatization for 1 year, development of the mechanism for transparent privatization since October 1, 2005 by the relevant state committee with the engagement of the major consulting firms (including, but not limited to, foreign consulting firms), without participation of the Verkhovna Rada and other public authorities, but under their supervision;
  6. To increase by October 1, 2005, gradually, the wages of deputies and civil servants at different levels who may be involved in corruption, to 5000 – 35000 UAH a month, with reduction of the administrative personnel in the country by October 1, 2006;
  7. To establish since January 1, 2005 the obligatory declaration of incomes by deputies and civil servants of all levels with specification of all significant costs and strict responsibility for infringements (fines, withdrawal of property). All other citizens of Ukraine shall declare their incomes too;
  8. To prohibit cash payments in any amount exceeding 2000 UAH;
  9. To introduce a requirement that deputies and civil servants work at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week as per their official duties with severe responsibility for default (dismissal if absent for over 3 days a month except when diseased and dismissal in case of disease for more than 5 days a month in connection with professional unfitness (exceptions are possible for the oldest members of the Verkhovna Rada). Leave of absence: 25 days a year);
  10. For the period of active transformations until November 1, 2006, to establish in the country effective presidential/parliamentary authority:
    • To subordinate the Government (except for civil enforcement authorities) to the President and to make the President completely responsible for the activities of the executive authorities,
    • To concentrate the Parliament on legislative activities with the purpose to finalize the legislation to the level of the European country legislation without any right to interfere with the proceedings of the executive authorities, except for controlling the proceedings of the executive authority: quarterly reports, monitoring, etc.,
    • To subordinate civil enforcement authorities (the Ministry of Interior, the Tax Service, the Security Service of Ukraine) to the President and the Verkhovna Rada (only the agreed decisions shall be enforced). To subordinate the army to the President;
    • to make the judiciary independent of the Verkhovna Rada and other legislative authorities, the President and other enforcement authorities;
    • to implement the system of responsibility of the authorities for their activity (inactivity): impeachment, dissolution, retirement, etc.,
    • the Verkhovna Rada by November 1, 2005 to draft and to submit for the referendum their proposal concerning amendments to the Constitution and establishment of the new form of government (parliamentary/presidential republic or another) if required so that the election for the Parliament in 2006 be held based on the new principles;
    • to raise the level of independence of the mass media by
  11. To reform the party system in Ukraine by October 1, 2005 by taking the following supplementary measures:
    • to make the parties larger and to reduce the number of the parties by introduction of the proportional electoral system with increase in the passing threshold to 5%, granting the right to nominate a candidate for presidency only to the parties with over 20% of the total number of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada,
    • to stimulate the development of the parties focused on broad circles of people (to counterbalance strictly specialized parties, in particular those representing the interests of financial and industrial groups), by explanatory and educational work with voters,
    • the Ministry of Justice to enact a norm of obligatory publication (in the Internet, among other media) for the broad public of the programs by all parties (party-based or electoral blocks or candidate deputies), and to require the availability of abridged text of such programs with simple and laconic statement of all core program provisions on the key areas of activities of the party, with possible evaluation by every voter as to compliance with the program provisions of the party (or block, or candidate deputy). The election committees shall not register candidates for elective offices unless their programs are compliant with the said requirements,
    • to introduce at the state level a system for informing the people on the parties' programs,
    • to implement the European system of parties' financing,
    • for maintenance of the civilized competition among the parties, to establish an authority similar of the Antimonopoly Committee operating for the economy. Such authority would include outstanding political figures from different political forces, public figures, political scientists, sociologists, including, among others, foreigners;
  12. To take the following supplementary measures in the economy by January 1, 2005:
    • to streamline the procedures for registration, licensing etc. of businesses and reduce the dependence of businessmen on bureaucrats,
    • to reduce taxes to a level when it is profitable to operate honestly paying taxes and to establish simple taxation mechanisms,
    • to ensure the stability of the taxation laws for 4 years;
    • to ensure the transparency of the businesses for control by the State Tax Administration,
    • to prohibit the privileges from the taxation,
    • to prohibit operations via offshore and other foreign companies for 4 years,
    • to take every measure specified by the law against those violating the tax and other economic laws.

The first goal which we will accomplish when we have the provisions of this Declaration implemented is the provision of the civilized nation-wide presidential election in Ukraine on October 31, 2004. The major factors of this conclusion: loss at the election will be safe for losing political forces and the people of Ukraine will win anyway.

Every one of us is ready to bear the responsibility before the people of Ukraine and voluntarily retire from the government or party office and refrain from further political activities in Ukraine if we fail to comply with the provisions laid down in this Declaration.




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