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Program of Building of Successful Ukraine - full text


Yuriy Boyko 


The author has analyzed the situation in Ukraine in 2004. He suggests a program of changes of political and economic systems, called "Successful Ukraine". Implementation of the program will make it possible to create political and economic bases of a successful democratic country with market economy during 2-3 years, in 8-10 years Ukraine will be at the level of developed countries of Europe. The author suggests the optimum way for Ukraine to reach Success and prosperity. Here the definition of policy by the prominent home politician Dmitro Vydrin would be in place: "Policy is the science of the optimum", he said. Just this optimum way of changes is represented in the program "Successful Ukraine". The autor describes only general way of the Ukraine's development. The analysis of political and economic systems, the author's comments on each point of the Program are preliminary, because the author had no access of full information on these subjects.

Carrying out the Program a lot of people, who know the problem better than the author does, will define and analyze the things in details. The author regrets some possible minor inaccuracies and mistakes in the text. It's for the lack of time. Less then two months (before the start of election campaign) is lefts for the author to fulfill his mission: to make first-hand view of ideas of the program to be learned by political, economic and administrative elite, all people of the country, to convince them to choose the optimum way of movement of Ukraine towards Success and Prosperity.


The unique political and economic system was created in Ukraine during 12 years of the independent development. Representatives of powerful economic structures keep political power. Successful large and average business possible under support of legislative and executive authorities. As a result of imperfection, variability and complexity of legislation, as well as natural trick feature of Ukrainians and row of the other reasons, the criminal component is brightly expressed in economy. In many cases the honest (fair) business is impossible or unprofitable, therefore tax avoiding schemes are growing ("one – day" companies, offshore companies, etc.). The double standards and salaries "in envelope" on all levels of society , corruption in management - broadly discussable vices. The shadow sector is blooming (on miscellaneous estimations, 30 - 50% of economy). The criminal component of the economic system operates under the weak counteraction of existing authorities. In many cases the authorities, being awared of the rules of operating of the criminal component of the economy, "keeps on hook" the people who are in big and average business. These businessmen, usually, keeps quiet and tolerate. The ones, do not keep quiet (the right opposition, for example), could be suppressed with powerful repressive instruments of the authority.

As a result, under rather high rate of growth of GDP, low inflation rate (no more about achievements of the Ukraine , because as a whole, the life of majority of inhabitants of the Ukraine is improving too slowly) in economic and social sphere on 13th year to independence we have as follows:

  • Less than one percent of the population – are very reach people, having lion's share of privatized working economy. The capitals belonging to this elite usually are safely hidden (abroad, for instance);
  • The middle class is weak;
  • Essential parts of capitals of reach and middle class people were made under the violations of current legislation or using its imperfection;
  • People who work in budgetary spheres, having low salaries (education, medicine, customs, etc.), in many cases provide the redistributions of the capitals in their profit due to the bribes or additional work paid for in cash (without taxation) - a tutoring, etc.;
  • Before 80% inhabitants of Ukraine have income below living wage, about 25% are in poverty. People who have no possibility to get additional (shadow) earnings are elderly people, as well as peasants, military, creative intellectuals, etc.;
  • Conflicts betwwen Western and Eastern parts of Ukraine in different spheres;
  • Exhausted "manufacturing funds" (buildings, instruments, etc.) of majority of large, particularly residing in state property, industrial enterprises, and exhausted land;
  • Exhausted "living fund" (living buildings);
  • Exhausted public infrastructure (water, heat, sewerage, roads, etc.);
  • Imperfect justice and prosecutor's system;
  • Bad ecology;
  • Chernobyl 's Problems;
  • Weak medicine, unhealthy nation;
  • Large poor Army;
  • Till to 30% adult Ukrainians wish to emigrate from the country;
  • A list of "horrors" could be continued.

In political sphere we have:

A lot of political parties exist in Ukraine. Many of them were created to defend interests of their founders, they have not clearly expressed political platform and own electorate. Most of Mass Media belongs to political - economic elite and reflect their interests. The highest legislative organ - Parliament, as well as local electoral organs usually serve protection of business - interests of their members - deputies. I.e. the most of deputies and officials are not politicians, but businessmen. These people can loss their businesses or even freedom in case of loosing of their posts. The people of power and big money has formed Parliament majority together with President, Cabinet of Ministers, etc. This power provides growth of economy while poority of most of Ukrainians increase, inefficient use of country's resources continue. Lets call this political – economical force as "Power ". The determination of political and economic system of society, which builds the power, could be "Oligarch – democratic state with market economy".

Rather active Right opposition exists in Ukraine. Right opposition is heterogeneous: a part of block "Our Ukraine", a part of Block of Julia Timoshenko, somewhat Socialist Party stand on similar with power system of society: "Democratic state with market economy". The certain portion of Right opposition stands on left - socialist - principles. The most active driving power of Right oppositions is a critiques of existing Power. Prevails the thesis "All bad" without emphasize on the programs of efficient political and economic transformations. Right opposition looks poor in many relations: absence of powerful creative idea, lack of economic and political power, perverted, on my glance, idea to resolve all problems due to possible victory in presidential elections. Why "perverted"? Because strong power will hardly allow the victory of the candidate from opposition, but if this even will occur, uses whole its power to prevent policy of new president that is not corresponding to the interests of the Power.

The Conclusion: The mark of the social, economic and political situation in Ukraine is "Unsatisfactorily". THE CRISIS is the best word for determination of the state of the Ukraine. Two dangers look most important: Most of Ukrainians do not believe neither in power nor in right opposition, most people do not believe in successful future for their country.

However, inhabitants of the Ukraine worthy of much greater! Our country has enough resources to become the SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY:

  • Clever, cunning hard-working people (including acting political and economic elite);
  • Strong quick people (see on successes of our athlets);
  • Talented people (the literature, art);
  • Good educated people;
  • Relative national homogeneity: Ukrainians, Russians, Jew, forming suppressing majority of the population, lived together during the centuries and will be able to live together much longer;
  • Relative religious homogeneity of population (on the one hand, suppressing majority of the population are Christians, and, with another, exists natural religious patiency of Orthodox Christians, Jew);
  • Sufficient natural wealth (coal, metals, gas, agriculture land, nature - a Black sea , Karpaty mauntains, etc.);
  • List of our resources could be continued.


On belief of the author, this is democratic state with market economy. The Prototype of the successful country could be Spain , Greece or our recent partners on socialist camp Poland , Hungary (we shall not consider the successful countries like France and Germany because Ukraine looks too far from them). Political and economic system of the SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY of our epoch could be characterized by the following particularity:

  • Prevalence of private property on capital goods;
  • Market economy with comparatively honored competition, free enterpeneurity and developed small business;
  • Presence of several (more often two) powerful political parties of democratic and market orientation, which find support of majority of electors;
  • Policy and bureaucracy are separated from business. The politicians concern with the policy and create the reasonable conditions for business, education, medicine, social protection, law and order, etc. More generally speaking state power is rather separated from current work and life of people, it creates the conditions for people to work and live for their and society's interests;
  • Correctly paid taxes. Corruption and shadow sector are small. The good balanced scheme of the distribution of national wealth;
  • Periodical changes of ruling party as the result of elections;
  • Graceful system of power authorities: parliamentary - presidential or presidential - parliamentary;
  • Reasonable social policy;
  • Comparatively independent Mass Media;
  • Sufficient natural wealth;
  • Unemployment in reasonable limits;
  • Absence of great ambitions in foreign policy;
  • Religious homogeneity;
  • National homogeneity;
  • Religious and educational brakes for the vices;
  • The power of law;
  • Possibility for each citizen to realize itself and develop the country.


The answer of the author - NO.

Neither power, nor right opposition do not demonstrate the ability and will to transform the Ukraine into SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY at the most short period. The power is ready to go on all to not allow progressive changes or take into account the offers of opposition. The right opposition, for its part, scares the power: in the event of victory promises the redistribution of property, attraction to responsibility, etc. Two scenarios of the development of situation in Ukraine within next 10-15 years looks most probable.


1 st scenario. In 2004 the Power, consolidated and mobilized, wins over the Right opposition in all battles. Right opposition could try to raise folk, but not many people ready to fight will be founded, all actions of right opposition will be peacefully suppressed. The representative of Power will win President's elections on October 31, 2004. No many electors will vote the opposition candidates because their losses in competition with Power. Ukrainian economy and policy will remain, as they are now. Oligarch's wealth increase, not efficient use or countries resources will continue. The Power will do some reforms slowly obeying the instinct of self – preservation. Right opposition will change to small group, which is gradually abandoned businessmen (will go to Power). After 10 – 15 years, when Ukraine in social and economic development will seriously lag behind even from neighborhoods (the Poland, Russia, Belarus and others.), the new crisis will matured, similar to existing now.

2 nd scenario. In 2004 the Power (the parliamentary majority, presidential administration, Cabinet of Ministers, etc.) does not manage consolidation at nearest months and take the opposition under all-out control. When the Right opposition will call people to the street meetings and demonstrations against the Power, the Power from despair or as a result of provocations uses the weapon (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Army…). The bloodshed occur. The candidate of Right Opposition win Presidential elections. The struggle between new President and Power that allowed the bloodshed will occur. The President wins and organizes stripping with former power (the courts, redistribution of property, etc.). The Country in chaos. The capitals and their owners run away abroad or going into the shadow. The Country will turn back for the years. Political and economical transformations will start on new, more likely, progressive base, offered by Right opposition. Though there is danger, as it will not stand firm before temptation to get the part of national wealth, having used the imperfection of legislation. In total, after 10 – 15 years Ukrainians could expect first results on the way to SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY. But again, our neighborhoods ( Poland , Russia , Belarus and others.), not speaking about Spain and Greece , will be far ahead…

The dynamics of GDP (most important index of economy state) for two scenarios are shown in Picture 1.

The same in two considered and other possible scenarios is as follows: majority of Ukrainians will spend more 10 - 15 years in NONSUCCESSFUL COUNTRY. Neither teachers, nor physicians, neither retirees, nor peasants, neither small and average businessmen, nor creative intellectuals will become lucky for these 10 - 15 years. But after all for majority of them or life itself, or its productive part will end after these 10 - 15 years…


Picture 1

Probably, not to find the citizen of Ukraine , which not desire Ukraine to create the base of the SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY during 2 – 3 years and reach the level of SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY (like Greece or better) after 8 - 10 years. The unique possibility of such scenario of the development of Ukraine really exists now due to reform "Successful Ukraine"! The diagram of GDP's dynamics for Successful Ukraine is shown on Picture 1 too – this is the upper "most successful" branch.


1. The aim of the people of Ukraine for 10 years: to make Ukraine a successful country . On reaching the aim all citizen will have really high incomes. Growth of incomes is planning to be: in 2008 – twice as much (the rich people) – 4 times as much (the poor people); in 2015 – 3 - 7 times as much.

The culture's and freedom's levels growth will follow poority overcoming. The aim described above will be the national idea, uniting people and inspiring them to reach SUCCESS;

2. Analysis of the current situation made above shows that to achieve the aim, all forces and resources of Ukraine should be combined. The key for unity: the Power and the Right Opposition, representing the main part of political, economical, administrative elite of the country, should go to civilized competition from current state of war;

3. The foundation for conciliation of the Power and the Right Opposition (other political forces as well) are as follows: A) They should adopt in 2004 before Presidential elections the Basic platform of political and economical transformations for democratic country with market economy (elite of the country must guarantee the people of Ukraine forward movement irrespective of the results of elections); B) Legalization (amnesty) of capitals with paying of special tax;

Basic platform of political and economical transformations for democratic country with market economy includes the measures of emergent political and economical transformations, that will move Ukraine to democratic country with market economy during 2004 - 2006. The main purposes of the changes – to separate business from policy and bureaucracy, lead out of the much part of the economy from shade and its transformation to the type of economy of the SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY:

  • The complex of organizational measures to separate business of the care of politicians and officials (registrations, licensing, antimonopole rules, etc.);
  • The complex of organizational measures to provide the "transparency" of state structures, especially control organs like tax administration and tax police in order to avoid use of this organizations to solve "the orders", etc.;
  • Increasing of the salary of officials - a workman of the budgetary sphere, which can be mixed up in corruptions, to the level, under which they will be able to provide itself normal life without bribes. Essential reduction of bureaucracy due to administration reform;
  • Increasing of the salaries of the rest of workman in budgetary sphere, retiree to maximum accounting level, which country can allow on the current stage of the development;
  • The complex of organizational measures to provide transparency of businesses (to introduce the principles of corporate management, methods of estimation of business's cost and efficiency, etc.);
  • Reduction of the rates of the taxes (the VAT or tax on turnover, profit tax, salary taxes) to the values in SUCCESSFUL COUNTRIES, and introduction of the rules of tax calculation existing there. Other approaches are possible, but the main subject is: tax pressure should stimulate fair business (honestly paying taxes);
  • Prohibition of businesses through offshore and other foreign companies (temporary for 3 – 10 years);
  • Prohibition of privileges on taxation. State subsidies to strategic or social branches (culture, employment of invalids, etc.) ;
  • Anti shadow measures at state enterprises;
  • Within 6 months adoption of balanced customs rules and duty rates. After that – taboo (use of moral – ethical term here and below consider design of economical and law instruments for implementation) on customs privileges and contraband;
  • Taboo on bribes, "recoils" and other phenomenon and sources of corruptions;
  • Taboo on care from taxation by means of "butterfly" companies and other schemes;
  • Taboo on salaries "in envelopes" (without taxation);
  • The complex of organizational measures on employing the people;
  • Taboo on Ukrainian "God-father" traditions;
  • Reduction of the shadow sector of the economy 3 - 5 times due to the measures described above, as well as due to the special measures on its legalization;
  • The complex of measures on control for providing of competitiveness of Ukrainian business during the transformations;
  • Taboo for privatization for 1 –2 years, after that an execution of efficient transparent privatization based on legalization of capitals and economical transformations fulfilled;
  • Other changes to economic system of SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY.

The Note: Political and economical transformations described above are preliminary and should be corrected by experts. Critics of these transformations could not be used to turn down the program "Successful Ukraine".

Legalization (amnesty) of capitals is the necessary condition of reconciling of Power and Right opposition. The amnesty should be put into practice by declaration of capitals and payment of special tax by all citizens. Using this method, we'll achieve not cosmetic remets (unlike some projects under discussion in Verkhovna Rada now). It provides resolving of many contradictions in society. The author calls declaration and paying special taxes the Action "Confession, forgiveness, reconciliation". We consider that all capitals which Ukrainians gained for the years of independence, is a remit of hard work and talents on the one hand, and imperfectness of legislation on the other hand. So, we had unfair distribution of incomes in the society.

The Purposes of the Action:

  • To permit all citizens who had earned their capitals unfairly with violations of economical legislation to pay special tax and this make their capitals "clear", provide avoid of criminal responsibility in future and feel safe, to leave the "hook" of Power;
  • To "tear out" rich people from Power. Because now rich people (many of them) try to get power to defend or increase their capitals;
  • To ease contradictions between Power and Right Opposition. Many representatives of Power do not agree to reasonable Right Opposition's suggestions and are afraid of them just because it might "take vengeance" on them and their capitals (reprivatisation, etc.);
  • To ease contradictions between a small group of rich people and the rest of people in Ukraine. After the rich have paid special tax, common people will mollify and allow the best representatives of the present political-economic elite go on ruling the country;
  • To get money to the Treasure and solve part of social and economic problems.

The argument for all citizens to make their capitals legal will serve the following: in 2-3 years, when a really Law State will be functioning (less corrupted Power, democratic order), the transformed Tax-office must verify declaration of capitals and payment of special tax.

The Action of Legislations is a must-step of Reform closely connected first of all with economic transformations. Those who don't make their incomes legal, those who don't pay tax, will be deprived of business, big expenses and so on. Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that after the period of legalization of capitals and economic transformations comes the era of the Iron Democratic Order; people who don't make their capitals legal, will be crossed out of life in Ukraine. All chances to live abroad will be limited for such people due to assistance of world community.

Special taxes will be different for different categories of citizens:

  • those who wish prove their capital is "fair" will pay no tax;
  • those whose capital is connected with unintentional violations of legislation will pay minimum taxes;
  • those whose capital is connected with violations of legislations will pay mid-size taxes. Why not maximum? Because those people set up enterprises and gave people work, developed economy and so on;
  • those whose capital is connected with corruption and economic crimes will pay maximum tax;
  • those, whose capital is connected with criminal offences will pay – I don't know, the experts should make the decision.

Declaration of Capitals and paying special tax will be confidential. It's possible to do it like this: to print Declaration – forms (well protected); each citizen receives such form, fill it in then it is coded and filed in the National Information Bank. Using the code each citizen pays tax in home in home or foreign banks (this is one of the variants of the world community's help to realize the program "Successful Ukraine"). After 2-3 years paying of special tax and financial activity of each citizen should be checked.

The order of special taxation for shares is a peculiar problem. It is to be solved. First of all it's necessary to save effective owners, then to make them pay taxes. If a special tax is a part of a years profit during 4-5 years, the owner might work and receive no profit during 4-5 year. The variant is possible when a special tax is equal the part of market cost of on enterprise; it is paid off during a certain period of time (about 10 years)

Progressive scale of taxation (a special one for each group of sitizen) is suggesting.Taqxation could be started from 200 000 hryvnyas (it has not been fixed yet) at the rate from 1 till to 49%.

Discourse on the necessity of the Action

Oligarchs, businessmen and officials will have to resign to the loss of a part of their capitals. It'll be their payment for a new, stable life in the renewed country and payment for do not repetition of M. Chodorkovskiy's experience. The rest of people will have to resign to the fact that a part of their compatriots turned out to be more cunning dodgy and managed to earn money at the stage of primary accumulation of capitals. Most citizens, who think they are done out of they shares, should understand that the rich citizen, as a rule, are not criminals because in many cases " unfair" money had been made legally (legalization was imperfect). It's very difficult to prove illegal or criminal origin of riches. To confirm this fact, I'd remind you of the former prime-minister P.Lazarenko. Having millions of USDollars while his salary was 200 USD per month he more probably could not be convicted in the USA.... Those who had not managed to earn big capitals must believe that it'll be possible for them to live in a new Successful Country and essentially improve their lives due to the special tax.

Note: the written above method of Legalization of Capitals is just the point to be discussed. It cannot be considered to turn down the the program " Successful Ukraine". 

4. The organisational form of conciliation of the Power and the Right opposition could be the creation (by 1.07.2004) two (or more) approximately equal parties (party blocks) on the base of "Successful Ukraine".

Practical way of conciliation between Power and Right Opposition: Creation of two approximately equal parties (or blocs) on the basis of economic, political and administrative structures, say SDP (Social Democratic Party) and PDP (People Democratic Party). The necessary condition: both parties should support considered above positions of the reform "Successful Ukraine" ( #1 - 3). These parties will be based on economic power of approximately tantamount politician - economic forces of Ukraine , as well as on support of approximately alike parts of Ukrainian folk. These newly created parties - SDP and PDP - will become the engine of the development of the Ukraine for many years, changing each other due to the results of elections.

For instance:


  • Base: Party of Region, SDPU (o), SPU…
  • Political and bureaucracy leaders: L. Kravchuk, V. Litvin, A. Moroz, V. Yanukovich…
  • Economic power: R. Ahmetov, V. Medvedchuk - G. Surkis, A. Yaroslavskiy …
  • Mass Media: UT-1, 1+1, Inter, Ukraine , Kievskiye Vedomosti…


  • Base: BYUT, Our Ukraine , NDP, Labor Ukraine ,
  • Political and bureaucracy leaders: А. Moroz, V. Pustovoytenko, S. Tigipko , Y. Timoshenko, V. Yuschenko…
  • Economic power: I. Kolomoyskiy, V. Pinchuk, P. Poroshenko, V. Chmelnitskiy…
  • Mass Media: ICTV, N, STB, 5, VV…

By negotiations it is possible to obtain approximately alike distribution of power of SDP and PDP in parliament, as well as approximately uniform distribution of their influence on the territory of Ukraine.

The distribution on parties described above is incomplete and conditional, because author has no full objective information on relations between specified politicians and businessmen. In any event when shaping SDP and PDP majority of these people should come to compromises and forget the old strikes, obeying high purpose - a making the Successful Ukraine.

Naturally, political parties with other ideology will exist: Communist, Ultra Nationalist and others. However, ideology of Successful Ukraine will be attractive to electors of Communist Party, which can join SDP or PDP.

Taking into account that "distribution" of economical power and Mass Media between two parties contradicts to the aims of separations of business from policy and bureaucracy and independence of Mass Media, we consider it as necessary measure only for the initial period of changes – for negotiations between Power and Right opposition.

The main essence of the four considered positions of the reform (# 1 - 4) is as follows: the reform will stop meaningless and very high-priced for the folk of Ukraine battle between power and right opposition, will stop conflicts between different groups of reach people and between reach people and rest Ukrainians. Political - economic elite of the country will get stable safe ambience of existence and development. In most cases businessmen will peacefully leave the policy. Most of Ukrainians will believe to new power. Political and economical changes will create the base of democratic state with market economy. After that the ORDER should be established in economy and policy.

Here, on my opinion, we should make a brake and give the floor to possible opponents: "This is utopia. Never power and right opposition will be able to agree and find the compromise" - here is their reaction on item 3 of the reform.

The answer of the author: I feel that now power and right opposition are in some state of confusion and they are not sure in correctness of further conflict. The reform "Successful Ukraine" is a well-timed decision, which will satisfy power, right opposition and majority of the rest people of Ukraine.

5. To establish and support the Iron democratic order in the country (Power of Law) – the guarantee do not go back in reforms. Order (one more key – word) is the necessary attribute of the program. This is a democratic Order (power of Law). After the capitals have been legalized, "fair" rules in politics and economics have been settled, this order will be a suitable instrument of reforms for all citizen of Ukraine and the world community even in case the Order is the "Iron" one. "The Iron Order" means that Laws are working. Now the situation is quite countrary:

  • Legislative Power doesn't fulfill its decisions;
  • Executive Power exposes violations and guiltiest of some its representatives and than let them work at similar top positions;
  • Military reform is not being carried out;
  • Elections in Mukachevo;
  • Drunk drives disobey inspectors of State Autoinspection;
  • The rich people don't pay for municipal services, etc.

6. Civilized democratic nation-wide elections of the president.

In July-October of 2004 the leaders of SDP and PDP (other parties as well) – the candidates for post of President - describe their ways of economic and political transformations in the pre-election programs. On the 31 st of October the people of Ukraine will elect the President, actually the ruling party. After the people of Ukraine have learned the program of creation of "Successful Ukraine", other parties are unlikely to come to power. The President forms the Cabinet of Ministers, he is responsible for its work. The presidential administration is essentially shortened. The Parliament will take up legislation. It will have nothing to do with business, economics, social sphere. We'll have a presidential-parliamentary republic. The author consider such form to be the best for Ukraine as well as for other slavonic states. Nevertheless, actual for the present Power political reform with parliamentary-presidential republic as a result doesn't contradict the ideas of Successful Ukraine. Political and economic elite could be distributed among other number of parties and blocks. The main things are as follows: declaration the aim of the people of Ukraine , adoption of the platform of economic and political reforms by all parties at the legislative level, and their implementation. That can guarantree civilized and nation-wide presidential elections in 2004.

It's desirable (but not obligatory) to hold the Presidential elections and the election to Verkhovna Rada simultaneously. The candidates for President, representing SDP, NDP and other parties come to elections with the lists of their delegates to Verkhovna Rada. The number of members from each party in Supreme Rada must be proportional to the number of votes, which its candidate had received in the first round of the presidential elections. This could be good opportunity for businessmen to leave parliament. Similar transformations might take place at local electorial authorities.

Note: The author's ideas about the definition of the ruling party, about the possibility of changes in Verkhovna Rada are just the ideas. They have nothing to do with essence of program "Successful Ukraine"

7. The motto of the Program is high speed of transformations. At presence of the good will of political and economical leaders, as well as desire of the most of people of Ukraine to begin and successfully conduct the reform – is not a problem since is not inventing nothing fresh. Simply the country should be translated into the state, in which the tens of other successful countries are working. 2 - 3 years is wholly sufficient period to create and start all instruments of operating of Successful Ukraine. During these 2 - 3 years folk will feel the material improvements, but, the main, the folk will understand the joy of free honored life and work under the civilized conditions. This will inevitably bring about new political and economic success. This will allow push Ukrainian economy forward and provide the worthy life in Ukraine, not worse than in Greece, for example, through 8-10 years (when the level of GDP will increase for 3.5 - 4 times).

Note: The increasing of GDP 3,5-4 times as much by 2015 is the result of the author's calculations. The author had no initial information to do exact computation. That's why small mistakes cannot be reason for turning down the program "Successful Ukraine". 


  • All changes within the framework of reform are possible using internal resources of the country (without foreign assistance).
  • As a result of reform the base of transparent not corrupted political system of democratic society with market economy will be created. This will enable quick receipts in policy and economy of the talented people and that particularly important, young talented people, which will lead the country forward with high rate. All of these people will be able to realize themselves not abroad (on that consider many of them presently), but in Ukraine.
  • Political and economical life will get an "IRON" DEMOCRATIC ORDER.
  • The high rates of the reform will allow most of today living Ukrainians to live in Successful Ukraine.
  • Making the reform, Ukraine will get the unchallengeable competitive advantages, having overtaken many countries of C.I.S.
  • The large resources will be saved due to stop of conflict between Power and Right opposition.
  • After undertaking of the first part of the reform (after 1 - 2 years) the foreign investments will come into stable predictable Successful Ukraine, accelerating economical growth and increasing living level of people. To realize some steps of the Reform, asiistance of the world community interested in creation of stable Successful Ukraine could be accepted (like assistance in WTO membership, assistance in legalization of capitals, etc.). The help of Ukrainians who live abroad will be appreciated.



  1. Because the program corresponds to the interests of majority of inhabitants of Ukraine. Program will give the Ukrainians the NATIONAL IDEA and instruments for quick transformation of the country. Author believes that Ukraine and Ukrainians will make wonders with this idea and instruments;
  2. Because the idea of the reform came to the author on the land of Sinai peninsula. The main statements of the reform were worded during one hour on March 24, 2004. The situation reminds the events happened on these lands with the founders of great religions Mojsei (The Judaism), Christ (the Christianity) and Muhammad (the Islam);
  3. Because astrological forecasts are on party of the reform. On predictions of Pavel Globa for Ukraine in 2004 (the newspaper "Today" from February 2, 2004 ):
    • In 2004 "…are leading people The Alones ("Mangooses"), which, in spite of external homeliness, feel the drive, possess the iron will, grasp and skill it is correct to choose the moment". The author can say that this is a description of author's features;
    • " The autumn will bring bring dramatization and culmination of events. Mongooses will appear… In October the new genious scenario will be designed - creation of the new political system in Ukraine. I.e. on legislative level will be executed something new. All will be done much class!"
    • "You it is necessary to keep a check on event of the springtime: on border Oven and Taurus, April 19, will be a solar eclipse. If in Ukraine will occur strange, unpredictable events, which shake before basis, this will be in April". Hereinafter P. Globa speaks of negative event, which can "turn round near by April 19". To predict that, the reform "Successful Ukraine" was announced on April 14, 2004. "Mukachevo" took place on April 18 – 19…
  4. Additional information: idea of the program became the result of analysis of events in Russia , Georgia , Ukraine and other developing countries after reading several articles in newspapers "2000" from March 19, 2004 and "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia" from March 20, 2004. The newspapers came in hands of the author in salon of the plane of air company " AeroSweet", executed flight on route Kiev - Sharm-El-Sheikh. The articles, which have left the most bright impression: "If he will not be elected, we shall kill you" (Lidiya Denisenko, "2000") and "Changes, my friend, changes…", (Dmytro Vydrin , "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia").


Some people, who had read program "Successful Ukraine", say it's not serious to mention religion, astrology. Concerning the religion: I have written what I have written. But since the time the Program was written it has been somewhat changed. Moreover, I know what should be changed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depending the situation in the country. If the program "Successful Ukraine" was a Divine message on the 24 th of March, 2004, that means that God is still with me now. The references to astrology looks not harmful too. Do somebody doubt that events in Mukachevo on April 18 – 19 has shaked Ukraine?

Nobody knows instructions and prescriptions for future. No prescription can tell who and how must determine the fate of the country. Due to my life in Ukraine, analysis of the processes in the society, logic, foresight, intuition I have produced program "Successful Ukraine" and will produce its development.

May 10, 2004



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