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Open Appeal

For the attention of

President of Ukraine


Prime-minister of Ukraine


Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


Chairman of a parliamentary faction “Bloc of Lytvyn”

I. Sharov

Chairman of a parliamentary faction “Party of regions”


Chairman of a parliamentary faction “Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko”


Chairman of a parliamentary faction Communist party of Ukraine


Chairman of a parliamentary faction “Our Ukraine – People’s self-defence”


Chairman of Supreme court of Ukraine



Open Appeal

Public movement “My Ukraine” was created on February, 27, 2009 with the goal of grouping of citizens around a national strategy “Ukraine — 2020” and creation of conditions for rapid harmonious development of Ukrainian society.  Movement participants consider it to be important that financial and expert resources of citizens and NGO-s consolidate in order to make an interpellation for elaboration and adoption of the national strategy of development of the country “Ukraine — 2020” as a powerful factor of unification of Ukrainian society.      

We learned the state and plans of Ukrainian government open to public regarding elaboration and fulfillment of national strategies and consider that it is necessary to demand the following from the Ukrainian government:

1.  To stop mutual struggling which is almost the same as destruction of the country and to take actions as to unification of Ukrainian nation on the grounds of national discussion of visions of future Ukraine.

We cant create a competitive state without participation of the majority of Ukrainian citizens in the process of nation- and state-forming.  That is because the state is just a mechanism of concordance, defense and realization of interests of citizens.  Therefore the main factor in overcoming crisis and steps towards successfulness and competitiveness of Ukraine is inclusion of all the citizens in the process of defining goals and strategies of Ukraine.  

Political forces and authoritative institutions must not struggle with each other, but have to suggest their own vision of country development strategy to society.  And final formation and self-identification of Ukrainian nation has to take place in competitive concordance of these visions and elaboration of a unitary National strategy of development on the basis of nationwide discussion.  And following steps as to realization of the National strategy have to favor consolidation of nation in standing its interests in competitive globalizing world.  This is the only way to competitiveness of the State of Ukraine.   

2.  To create permanent public advisory agencies attached to strategy-related government bodies (National Strategy Assembly) and competitiveness-related ones (Institute of competitiveness) on the basis of criteria selection and provide a possibility for effective public control over elaboration and realization of the strategy “Ukraine — 2020”. 

3.  To recognize objective reasons of unsuccessful development of Ukraine and to perceive removal of these reasons to be the contents of anticrisis programs and the contents of one of the first chapters of the strategy namely “Liquidation of critical lagging behind”.  To participants mind the main reasons of problems in Ukraine are:

-        Ineffective system of state power and therefore absence of rule of law and order.  To our opinion, this problem will not be solved through replacement of staff of government bodies;

-        “Corruption rationalism” — is a way of life of many active citizens in Ukraine (politicians, state officials, businessmen).  Such a manner of life lets people choose the shortest (“the most rational”) way of accomplishing goals, which is a way of lies, treason, bribe and theft, although this way is unworthy from the viewpoint of morals and legislation in force.  Experience of the last years proved the fact that our society is uncompetitive if it lets people live in such a way;   

Inexecution of participants’ demand threatens society with deepening of a present crisis state of the country.  We analyzed several governmental and public anticrisis programs.  Unfortunately, they have no top priority measures regarding inefficiency of a state power and “corruption rationalism”.  This gives us right to affirm that realization of such programs won’t allow to start the process of restoration of confidence of society and will lead to further ineffective usage or/and plundering of existing resources.  Using “strategic” language, elimination of two mentioned-above reasons has to become a direction of “main strokes” of Ukrainian society in 2009-2010.     

4.  To define features of the country-winner in the world competitive struggle in short-term                  (10-15 years) and long-term (50-60 years) perspective.  Movement participants already determined their vision of these features. 

5.  To include “recipes” of key structural reforms into the national strategy through realization of which, strategic aims of country’s development can be achieved.  Some examples of such “recipes” are: “one vertical of central executive power”, “open lists elections to councils of all levels”, “re-distribution of powers and budgets between the center and territorial communities in the ratio of 50 % to 50%”, “declaring income and expenses of parties, politicians, state officials, judges”, “stimulation of development of Ukraine’s goods and services manufacturers and inner market by means of introducing export tax on raw goods, with further usage of incomings from this tax with the purpose of providing acceptable crediting rates for goods and services manufacturers”, so on.  In case of adoption of such specific regulations of the strategy the majority of citizens will manage to understand the essence of the strategy and will get a chance to provide control over strategy’s fulfillment.  “Recipes” of structural reforms in a form of a public project “The principles of the country’s development strategy “Ukraine — 2020” will be handed over to Ukrainian government on May, 15, 2009.  Today we promulgate the project of this document.     

 If these demands aren’t fulfilled by July, 1, 2009, public movement will apply lawful public methods of pressing the government — initiating of a referendum, transferring to a new effective system of state power by means of convocation Constituent meeting (Constitution Assembly).  Participants of the movement will consider the possibilities of moving onto the actual solving of the task of building up a fair competitive Ukraine by political means.  


Participants of a movement “My Ukraine”:


UCA “Successful Ukraine”

Executive director V.Chepelyuk

 NGO “Council on competitiveness of Ukraine”

Executive director V.Yuzba

NGO “Center of local economic development”

Director A.Ginkul

INGO “Ukrainian agency for institutional development”

Board chairman L.Tatarinceva

NGO “Fair Odesa”

Chairman D.Spivak

UCA “New formation”

Executive director S.Biryukova

UCA “Space for life!”

Executive director V.Goncharuk

 UCA “Ukrainian strategy”

President A.Pinchuk

 Institute of social researches

Director V.Panchenko


March, 31, 2009, Kiev



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